The Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education awards an annual travel grant with the aim of promoting Finnish entrepreneurship education research and strengthening international researcher networking. The travel grant may be awarded to cover travel expenses and/or participation fees related to an international entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship education conference.
The grant is particularly intended to support doctoral students, researchers in the early stage of their post doc career, and research groups as they continue and internationalise their research work. In order to be eligible for the grant, the recipient must give a presentation at the conference (at least a poster presentation). A recipient of the travel grant also commits to improving the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education’s visibility at the conference for which the grant has been awarded. The grant cannot be awarded retroactively.

Applicants do not have to be a member of the association.

For grant applicants

The application period for the grant is from 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021. The free-form application sent to the association must include clear justification for seeking the travel grant and the purpose of the trip:

1. Which conference is involved and why is it important for the applicant to participate in this particular conference?
2. How does the conference promote the applicant's research and researcher career?
3. What kind of presentation will the applicant be giving at the conference?
4. A cost estimate of the total expenses and a plan for use of the travel grant as well as a report concerning other grant applications related to the trip in question.
5. Information on the number of international entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship education conferences the applicant has attended over the past five years
6. Consent to act as an ambassador of the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education at the conference and write a blog-style travel report after the conference, which will be published on the association’s website. An ambassador uses the association's logo in their conference presentation.

The fact that the applicant is a doctoral candidate or a researcher in the early stage of a post doc career or a research group will be taken into consideration during the application process. The need for travel assistance must be sufficiently justified and the grant sought for a suitable international conference. In addition, the plan for using the travel grant and the related cost estimates must be realistic, and the applicant must demonstrate that they have not applied for/received any other grants to cover the costs of the conference in question. Priority will be given to applicants who have not had the opportunity to attend many international conferences in the past five years.

Send your application as an attachment by email to admin(at)

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For grant recipients

The travel grant awarded must be withdrawn within two months of the trip. A travel grant recipient must submit a written report on the conference and attach the original expense invoices related to that conference. Based on that information, the grant will be deposited into the account specified by the applicant. The travel grant does not cover daily allowance and other costs. A travel grant recipient must also attach a travel report written in accordance with the blog guidelines of the Research Association for Entrepreneurship Education, which will be published in the association’s blog.


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