Photos: Niina Marostenmäki, University of Oulu

The annual Entrepreneurship Education Conference brings
entrepreneurship education research and practice closer together.

The Entrepreneurship Education Conference targets researchers, teachers and practitioners interested in entrepreneurship education. A special objective of the event is to bring research and practice closer together. The two-day conference also provides an excellent opportunity for young researchers to practice writing and presenting conference papers.

The Entrepreneurship Education Conference includes inspiring keynotes, research presentations, project and case presentations as well as an action-based workshop with a different theme each year. Although the majority of presentations are held by Finnish presenters, the conference also includes keynotes from international speakers each year.

YKTS2022 will be arranged in Ylivieska 28.-29.9.2022

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YKTS 2022 Theme: Entrepreneurship Education 4.0

YKTS2022 Entrepreneurship Education Conference will be organised 28.-29.9.2022 in Ylivieska by Kerttu Saalasti Institute at the University of Oulu together with Centria University of Applied Sciences.

Important deadlines:

Abstract call opens: 3.4.2022
Abstract call deadline: 2.5.2022 – abstract submission deadline extended to 15.5.
Information on acceptance: 5.6.2022 – information on acceptance by 13.6.
Confirmation on presentation at the conference: 6.9.2022 (eli esitemän pitäjät ilmoittautuvat tähän päivään mennessä)
Manuscript submission for review: 31.8.2022 
Registration for the conference (others than presenters): 20.9.2022    

Conference website:



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2011: Entrepreneurship Education Conference in Lappeenranta 6-7 October 2011

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University of Jyväskylä

2008: Meeting for Entrepreneur Education Researchers and Practitioners in
Mikkeli 2-3 October 2008

2007: Meeting for Entrepreneur Education Researchers and Practitioners in
Vaasa 9-10 February 2007


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